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Go out tonight! Check out some new bands, and you might find something cool and rising! We really think our scene is not dead, it just lacks unity. Post pics, buy T-Shirts, and above all, check out their songs after the show. At first, bands won’t sound like your favorite artists, for many reasons. Give them a chance, and rock on!




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Gene Simmons, You Got Another Thing Coming! We’re the resistance. Share this or something from another new band that you think represent the spirit of what we live and die for: Rock n’ Roll! The internet is yet to understand how many we are. We Will Rock You!

“You see the distant flames, they bellow in the night
You fight in all our name, for what we know is right
And when you all get shot And cannot carry on
Though you die, La Resistance lives on”



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Here’s our counter attack, Gene Simmons. Rock is not dead, and the internet can be our triumph instead of our doom!  This video is our answer, and now ARSON-STRIKE challanges everyone to shre this or to post something from another new band that you think is proof that he is wrong! The internet still hasn’t had a taste of rock n’ roll, let them bastards have it!



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We’re currently preparing an acoustic set. That way, there will be a greater varieties of venues for us to play, and the gear is also light enough to go on a small plane with us. When we had that idea, Ferdinand and Steve went to the studio to study the possibilities and see what songs would work acoustically.

….but Ferdinand was too tired from a long day of instrument flight training, and that’s what came out of it:



The phone ran out of space by the time a good take came out. But at least “Burning Now” appears to work. Steve’s solo was totally improvised, he didn’t know he was supposed to play this solo:



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So, it is no secret that we love internal combustion engines, tube amps and loud music in this band.

California is all about Rock and Roll. There’s good music playing almost everywhere, and the lifestyle itself can be a rock n’ roller’s paradise.

DSCN1960Motorcycles just go with the genre. And around here you have no shortage of destinations, friends, people to ride with, parts and accessories. And more than that, we are allowed to split lanes in this awesome state, which makes life much easier in two wheels.




The weather contributes to the rides. You can always expect to be dry and cool (as long as you’re moving), with the exeption of a few days in the year. Parking and milage are a bonus, but I guess that is the case pretty much everywhere.



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