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profile pic Ferdinand Andrekowisch was born in Brazil in 1987, to a family of European ancestry. At an early age he was introduced to Rock music by his older brother, who listened to Guns and Roses, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Bon Jovi all day long at full volume, making those bands the background music of Ferdinand’s childhood.

At the age of 13 he decided he was going to be a musician and started taking acoustic guitar lessons, followed by electric; he was given his first electric guitar as a birthday gift for his 16th birthday. During high school he formed a band with some friends to cover their favorite artists, including Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Steppenwolf and more.

To the surprise of the band, they won a contest and ended up performing in front of an audience of 4,000 on two separate occasions, first playing “Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden for the semi- finals and then “Perfect Strangers” by Deep Purple for the finals.

Ferdinand was off stage for a while concentrating on his studies during the following years, though he never stopped writing the material that would end up being used on the first ARSON-STRIKE album; he started Law school in 2005, even working as an intern in a law firm for a short time, but finally in 2007 decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his dream, first by studying music business at the Musicians Institute.

In October of 2011 Ferdinand, Rui and Matt played their first show in Los Angeles, at the legendary Key Club, under the moniker STAY AWAKE; shortly thereafter they would add Steve Anderson as their second guitarist and change the name to ARSON-STRIKE.

Ferdinand currently splits his time between ARSON-STRIKE and his newfound career as a pilot, a passion that runs in his family; he can be found in the skies over Los Angeles almost every day.

bioSteve Anderson was born in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania in 1989. He grew up in Tunkhannock PA, where he started playing guitar when he was 6 years old. After rediscovering the album Adrenalize by Def Leppard when he was 15, Steve finally decided he wanted to be in in a Rock band.

Since then, he started listening to bands like Def Leppard, AC/DC, Yngwie Malmsteen, Van Halen, Skid Row, Testament, Children of Bodom and other heavy rock artists. After making the decision to become a musician, Steve started learning to play drums. At that point, he was playing in two different bands in Pennsylvania with his high school friends, being a guitarist for one and a drummer for the other. They used to perform in some private parties and in a venue called The Palace in Lansford, PA.

When he turned 21, Steve moved to Hollywood to start his guitar studies at the Musicians Institute. He finished his GIT degree in 2012, and started the Drum program right away, becoming very accomplished in both fields.

In 2013, Steve was already talking to Ferdinand about joining ARSON-STRIKE. He was considering joining the band for a while, but at that time he was extremely busy with his studies. Finally, he joined the ARSON-STRIKE in june of that year.

DSCN1753bMatthew was born in 1986 and grew up in Los Angeles’ south bay in a music loving household; some of his earliest memories are of listening to vinyl Beach Boys records in the family living room and Led Zeppelin on the car radio.

Despite having been a voracious fan of music for most of his life, the first two albums he bought fresh out of elementary school were the Mission Impossible soundtrack and ‘No Control’ by Bad Religion, he didn’t develop a passion for playing and performing until late in high school.

During the spring of junior year a few of his close friends put together a punk cover band, performing old songs by The Ramones, Operation Ivy and others; as luck would have it, they were too novice to hammer out power chords and yell into a microphone at the same time and decided to recruit Matthew as their ‘vocalist’.

In the year that followed he taught himself basic guitar skills to further lend his voice to the bands new original songwriting, but it wasn’t until he filled in on bass for another local punk band that a true obsession was born; he purchased his first bass shortly before freshman year of college and, after spending most of that first year in his dorm learning the bass lines to his favorite songs by ear instead of attending classes, dropped out to attend music school.

Matthew graduated from Musician’s Institute in 2008 with a degree in music performance as well as their ‘Outstanding Player’ award, and has since toured all over the US and Canada and recorded in some of Los Angeles’ finest studios; he proudly endorses Spector & Dingwall basses, Aguilar Amplification, DR Strings, Darkglass Electronics & Tech 21 NYC, and can be seen playing regularly in the greater Los Angeles area with a variety of different bands and artists.

In 2011 when Ferdinand was looking for a bassist to start what would become ARSON-STRIKE, he came to meet Matthew through an ad on craigslist. He was the first to join the band.

IMG_2457bRui Aoi was born in Los Angeles CA in 1991, to a family of Japanese immigrants. He started playing drums when he was 13 years old, in church. When he started listening to bands like Children of Bodom, Lamb of God and In Flames, he realized drumming was his true passion. He bought his first drum kit and started practicing Heavy Metal at home, and that’s when he started thinking of joining a band.

When he was 19, Rui was part of a band named Lucid. They performed in venues in Little Tokyo and in Orange County for a while, but later on Rui would quit the band to dedicate his time to his music studies and work.

He met Ferdinand in 2011 during a private party Cleopatra Records was throwing at Key Club. They had a friend in common named Mindy, that used to be an intern at Cleopatra with Ferdinand in 2007. When Ferdinand asked her if she knew any drummers, Rui was standing with a group of friends close to them, so Mindy introduced them right away. They went outside to talk, and since then Rui has performed and recorded with Ferdinand in every step of the way, to what would become ARSON-STRIKE.